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3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set
3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set

3-In-1 Travel Bottle Set

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Practical 3 in 1 Design
One of the most basic needs of a traveler is simply: how to pack travel essentials hassle-free. So, we decided to start off by launching a 3 in 1 travel bottle set to help travelers all around the world easily store toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner and body wash, without the common worries that usually come with packing liquids for travel. Perfect for short trips, business travel, camping, fitness and other outings.

Leak Proof Lid
Favonian's travel container set is only the size of a water bottle and weighs only about 150g! Making it incredibly convenient to fit into your handbags, backpacks, and luggages. Get rid of your old and heavy toiletry bottles, as Favonian's travel bottle set can save you luggage space while keeping all your toiletries nicely packed together in one place. With its' leak resistant, waterproof container and secure screw-on lid, you won't have to ever think twice about whether your liquids will leak out onto all your clothes.

TSA Approved
Hate getting your liquids (especially if it's a brand new face wash or facial lotion) thrown out at airport security because it didn't meet TSA requirements? No need to fret as each inner reusable bottle in our travel container set has a capacity of 55ml/1.8OZ and is TSA compliant with carry-on rules for flight - a simple solution for frequent travelers. (Note: Please adjust the capacity of liquid according to various airline liquid restrictions.)

Durable & Safe Material

Inner bottles are made of food grade PED material, which are odorless and harmless, keeping your toiletries safe and hygienic; The shell case is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is sturdy and won't easily bend out shape. No need to worry about airplane pressure causing your liquids to explode.

Leak Proof Lid Design

Our innovative container lid design features a double lock which firmly secures the cap when not in use and firmly holds the nozzle position to prevent accidental leakage.

Easy to Use Pump

Newly improved pump head design releases your toiletry liquids with smoother efficiency making it easier to dispense contents.

Classification Labels & Perspective Window

The capacity of each inner bottle is up to 1.23 oz and 1.86 oz maximum. Each bottle has a scale mark and perspective window on the outer case so you can conveniently check which content you want to dispense as well as how much of the content is remaining. Don't forget to label the bottle after you fill it to prevent confusion.

Indoor & Outdoor


  • When opening the case lid, please keep your hands dry and gently turn to the right to open the lid.
  • When closing the lid, please pay attention to rotate from the "open" position on the lid to the mark position on the front of the case. Otherwise, the lid may not be properly sealed and can leak.
  • When using, please tilt the bottle about 45 degrees and press the pump head to avoid the contents from drizzling onto the bottle.
  • Please wipe clean the nozzle after each use to prevent blockage.


           1. Rotate right to open the cover.
           2. Take out a small bottle.
           3. Open the bottle lid, pour in the liquid.
           4. Choose a label and stick on the bottle.
           5. Put it back in the case.
           6. Close the case cover and tighten it to the left.
           7. Rotate to choose toiletries and rotate to lock.

    Kindly Note

    • For your safety, do not apply this product to highly acidic or corrosive liquids.
    • This product is not suitable for overly viscous liquids, which may result in the inability to extrude contents or clog the nozzle.
    • The temperature range that this product can withstand is -20°C-50°C (-4℉-122℉).
    • Actual color of container may differ slightly from image shown due to different monitor and lighting effects.


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